Monday, February 2, 2009

Looking for Car Seats?

There's no doubt that you'll gonna need a car seat when you have a new baby. Sure, it's a vital need of security when you bring your baby, specially when you go alone just with your baby and no other person are going with you to keep the baby safe. Or maybe your baby has already grow up and become an active toddler, so you don't have any other choice unless tied up your toddler tightly on the car seat to keep him/her safe while you're driving ^_^

This is what is happening to me, still :) Hey, I haven't married so I don't have my own kids yet, but I have a nephew, an active 23 months baby boy, who always wants to put himself on the driver's seat and act like he's driving! He always angry and cries loudly if he's not allow to do that. So all I can do to drive safely when I go out from home for some reasons and I have to bring him with me, I always put him on his car seat and make sure that he's safe for the ride. Plus some snacks to make him more calm while I'm driving :giggle:

I bought (with my dad's money :p) this car seat at one offline store of car equipment. But after I did it, I browsed on the internet and I found this site. Oh boy, it has so much choices of car seats from lots of brands! When I did a few comparisons from the one that I had bought with some brands that offered on this online store.. Wow.. I guess I was a little bit too hurry on made a decision when I bought that car seat :(

This site offers much. I began search from Britax Car Seats, and you know what? This brand offers you more that you can imagine, because it made lots specifications which you can choose based on your need for your infants and kids!

Geez.. I guess I'm gonna bookmark this link for my other purposes later, when I need recommendations again.


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