Saturday, February 7, 2009

Listen to the music

You know, when I have to go outside for some reasons, I'm a girl who always get bored so easily on my trip when I can't talk to somebody that I've known. Then why should it be 'somebody I've known'? Because I always tell myself to not talking with strangers *giggle* I only have two choices to get myself relax in this situation (specially when I got trapped on a traffic jam, sigh, I hate it the most!): calling one of my friends by picking one name from my phonebook, or enjoy myself by listening to my favorite songs from my iPod *LOL*

And why it should be 'friends', not 'a boyfriend'? Because he's kind a 'busy bee' (this is how I always called him) because of his job takes his time almost 24 hours when somebody asked him to made songs or even an album. Fyi, he's a music director freelancer, so I even cannot contacted him when he wanted to be full concentrated on it *sigh* But I have to faced it, he loved his job so much. Not mention that he also has a band which on progress to launch their first album. So, I can't do nothing unless pray for your good luck and success, hun *hug*

By the way, back to my first story about the choices, I usually take the second one, listening to music. Because the first one has big disadvantages: calling friend means I have to pay more for the bill later *giggle* and it's gonna disturb anyone who's sitting next to me at the time. I prefer to be 'autism' and do nothing, so I don't have to annoying anyone with my voice when I talked to someone on the phone *LOL* Beside that, you can say that I'm kinda addicted to music and can't live without it. I even cannot sleep if I turned off my laptop before go to bed, just because I hate the situation when the night is too quite. If you ask me which site that have a complete directory about this gadget, let me recommend you to try this one. You can search not only iPod 32GB Touch that I hardly wanted now *drool*, but this site will refer you to hundreds of online stores, so you can make comparisons between them before. Don't you think it's a great idea too, like me, to have a lot of informations before we have to decide something? *wink*

Oh boy, I wonder, is there someone in this world would gonna buy me the gadget that I adore so desperately? *daydreaming* Because I don't want to buy it with my own money, it's sooooo expensive and gonna make me bancrupt with only one winking! I also will not wanna pay for something that can be easily gone because of my slovenliness, because I've already lost my iPod Nano *cries*

Somebody must be call me as 'materialistic girl' after read this post at the paragraph before, I guess. Don't worry, I'm not that kind of girl. It's only a joke, you know.. *giggle*

So turn on you iPod now, and listen to the music then. Viva enjoy! *clap*


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