Friday, August 24, 2012

What Tarps Can Do For Your Life

In Indonesia, it is summer at this time. But we still have to be vigilant, because sometimes there are unexpected arrival of rain. If we have a fairly large yard and can be used for special events (eg weddings, barbecues, or other family events), of course we should use a tarps to protect all people from the scorching heat or rain that might arise unexpectedly, right? :-)

I remember my wedding in December 2009, when the reception was held in the courtyard of my grandfather's house that is large enough to accommodate about 1,000 guests. It is clear that at the time Indonesia was experiencing the rainy season, which is often troublesome because it was unexpected. At that time we hired wedding organizer to take care of the installation of the canvas tarps, chairs, 2 stage that devoted respectively for the bride and music, long tables that provides food, huge fans and air conditioning, including the bride's and groom's wedding clothes and uniforms for families. That moment was really make me a super duper tired bride, but it is also fun! Watching the guests enjoyed my wedding really makes my heart stomping and happy at the same time ;-)

And apparently, I just realize that there are so many kinds of tarps. Oh wow.. In addition to canvas tarps that are usually used for such a big event like on my wedding, there are many other types. Like black plastic tarps, clear plastic tarps, or clear tarps that can be used for many purposes, ranging from mild to severe, depending on the thick-thin of the tarps material. Hm, it opens my eyes, that are so many things in this world that I haven't know yet :D
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