Friday, January 16, 2009

Need A Foreclosure?

When I got this topic from the advertiser, I must admitted that I got so nervous just because I don't even know about what exactly a "foreclosure" is (blushing icon). So, what I've done at first was just searched what's the meaning of foreclosure at some online dictionary (giggle icon) and repeatedly think about it many times, and what I'm gonna write for this topic.

I also opened and read the Free Foreclosures many times, try to catched the owner's (her name is Gwen) essential meaning and what exactly her heart told her when she built this site. Okay, I think I got the point when I read all of her writing at her blog, and now I'm trying to write it down. Actually it was not an easy job because, to be honest, I haven't any experiences on it hehe.. ^_^

I found some new added definitions about Foreclosure at her blog. This is what she said:
Foreclosure - From “The legal procedure for satisfying claims against a mortgagor in default who has not redeemed the mortgage: satisfaction may be obtained from the proceeds of a forced sale of the property”

Okay, one thing for sure, I think it was a brilliant idea when she decided to start built a website that listing free foreclosures at her area where she lives. Many websites offered this tool is for free, but Gwen found what they said it's not true (I guess she had a bad experience about it, maybe), because she said that we still have to pay some money after they helped us got the foreclose data -please correct me if i'm wrong- so Gwen started to think is it possible for her to made a website that having so much informations about foreclosure data from the bank to help peoples who might need it, for free! Wow, I always have a high respect for people like her, who has this kindhearted for others. I hope, what she's still doing with the Free Foreclosures gonna help a lot of peoples who's looking for houses. What a noble hope.. I think I want to hug her for this, it's hard to search for people like this lately. Many peoples only think about money. Good job, Gwen! (hug icon)

So, I recommend you to come and visit Free Foreclosures if you're looking for a house and need the foreclosures. She had lots of it from many banks that cover almost all the states. Just click on any state at the map, and it will refers you to the foreclosures data with the realtor name plus contact email or number on each data. Some of it have photos, so we can see its condition before decide to put the one that might be interesting on our list to be visit later. She had listing foreclosures data from Bank of America Foreclosures, CountryWide Foreclosures, SunTrust Foreclosures, WellsFargo Foreclosures, and still working to get more data from other bank websites. Awesome! (clap icon)

Hey, I'm wondering, is it possible if Gwen also have the data for Indonesian foreclosure and put them at her Free Foreclosures website?? Okay, it was a silly idea and maybe more hard to do, but it gonna makes my job easier when I need this data for myself later ^_^

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