Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Go Exercise, Go!

I think my body feels so heavy lately! Even my family always say (of course they are!) "Don't be silly, that's only in your mind!", but I found out that my body shows its shape so clearly when I wore some of my fit-body shirts :cries: I wonder, is it because I was too lazy to go out and get some exercise since I have to taking care of my nephew just by myself started from January until now??

Dont' get wrong, I never think it was my nephew's false, I just blame myself and my stupid laziness sigh..

Okay, just forget it, all I have to do now is looking for an exercise that can help me to decrease my weight (or "just shaping your body so you'll get more healthy", like my family said). Should I
choose fitness or body language? Which one is the best choice for me?? Beside that, I guess I have another problem: I hate if I have to do the exercise at the public studio because I'm not too comfort being together in a place with lots of peoples that I dont' know them well. I still have that introvert thing inside, I think :( What should I do now??

I guess, if that's the problem, then maybe I should have the machine at home. So I can do my exercise comfortly. Isn't that a good idea? :giggle: Start googling now! Here we gooooo...

Open this fitness online store, wow.. they have a complete series of exercise machines! :clap: There are some tabs where they classify the machines, such as agiles, ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, and combos. Not to forget the accesories too. Great! They're on SALE program! Yippieeeeeeeeeee...

*First and second things to do after this: Count my piggy bank and ask for my dad's help* :mwahaha:


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