Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Esther BB Cream

Whitening your face and makes it smoother instantly!

1. Whitening
- Whiten and brighten skin
- Continuous usage will make skin white and smooth permanent

2. Bleaching
- Removes aging spots and blemishes or acne scars on face
- Remove scars or surgery on the skin and other body

3. Anti Wrinkle 
- Preventing and reducing wrinkles or aging lines of the face

4. Anti Darkening 
- Prevent dark spots on face

5. SPF 
- As a sunscreen, protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause black spots on the skin

6. Multi Vitamin
- Nourish the skin
- Regeneration of skin cells
- Maintain healthy skin
- Provide the minerals and vitamins to the skin
- As an anti-inflammatory, helps healing of irritated skin
7. Oil Controller
- Controlling excess oil on your face so the face becomes brighter
- Contain minerals that help treat and cure facial acne
8. Moisturizer 
- Moisturize the face and prevents the face from dryness
- Make the face look smooth and supple, youthful and glowing
 9. Foundation 
- A foundation that helps repair damaged skin cells
- Protects the face from harmful chemicals from other makeup products
10. Liquid Powder Finishing
- Make the face look whiter and smoother instantly
- Cover acne, pores, dark spots, fine lines of aging, and scars on the face
- Match the color of the skin on the face and neck
- Disguising dark skin are approximately dis eye
- Enhance facial treatment before using makeup

Main Ingredients :

Wheat germ oil, almond oil, vitamin EA pearl particles, water, essence, squalane, centella asiatica extract, tocopherol acetate, grease glycerin three greases, etc

Use twice a day (morning and evening) to get maximum results. 

How to use:
Out the "ESTHER BB CREAM" on the palms

Apply on the face or body that is intended 
Apply evenly to the entire face or body part intended

Attention:- Only for external use
- Keep it away from the reach of children
- Avoid contact with eyes

* Suitable for all skin types of men and women
* For the face, neck, and body
* Occasional usage is not enough.
In facial treatments, your
regularity and patience will prove the result!
* Always use a "series of ESTHER products" for maximum and good results


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